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Zest Projects and Homes

Zest Projects is a stable and reliable development company with experience across a range of operations including residential and commercial developments, land subdivision and asset management. Construction is completed by Zest Homes a leading and well-respected builder in the Northern Territory.

The group have a detailed background in affordable housing, delivering hundreds of properties for the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) since round one in 2009. And are now registered Tenancy/Accommodation providers for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The current focus is sustainable community focused commercial and residential developments including tailored homes for participants within the NDIS. Delivering flexible housing choices that provide independence and high-level amenities to occupants.

Zest Philosophy

Our key philosophy is to produce property that is below the median price with ahigh level of amenity that provides an above average rental return with long term occupants.

Property investment is a long-term proposition, therefore a long-term view needs to be considered when building and developing property.

To maximise income and capital growth for our buyers, Zest Projects consider a number of items. Aside from producing property that is below the median price and provides an above rental average return, it is important to consider the lifecycle and running cost and general amenity of an investment or home purchase.

High Energy Ratings, solar, durable appliances and communal facility discounts reduce the day-to-day running costs for the occupier and owner. Quality amenity, including well run building management and caretaking, large indoor and outdoor living spaces and landscaped grounds, will serve to increase the average tenancy length and number of owner-occupiers in each development.

Lower day to day running costs and longer tenancies with less vacancies in a desirable location will lead to higher average rental returns for investors. High amenity will attract more owner-occupiers that increase the re-sale potential for investors.

Our Vision

To develop affordable, high quality communities.
Employ local trades and apprentices.
Minimise importation of foreign building products.
Remain an employer and builder of choice for traders, suppliers and consultants.
Develop long-term partnerships

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